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Welcome! My name is Dave Gifford. This is an area where I share ideas, links, outlines of things I think others might find helpful.

Recent sources added:

NICNT The Letters to Timothy and Titus, Towner
NIBC: 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, Fee
Pauline Christology, Fee

How to read topic notes:

  • The top section is for links to parent topics.
  • The second section contains the actual notes, as a bulleted outline of concise phrases or summaries.
    • Sources are listed in parenthesis, e.g., (s:k118).
    • The 's' before the colon is a link to the notecard of the source.
    • The number after the colon is the page number. Might be prefaced by k (Kindle location) or s (Scribd location). n. refers to footnotes in the source.
  • The third section contains any related topics - backlinks to this topic from other topics.
  • The fourth section lists the sources that contain data on this topic.
  • See source notecards for bibliographic data.
  • Return to this index using the homepage link under the site title.

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