1. Praise God for a good start to the new seminary semester. I am teaching one course this semester since I loaded up three last semester.
  2. Praise God for new materials I was able to do between late December and all of January, especially for Paul’s epistles. (
  3. Praise God for an interesting and unexpected opportunity for cultural impact: in December and January I had a number of ideas click together, and I created a free new notetaking tool based on Roam ( The final result is at I mentioned it on Twitter and got a lot of likes, comments, retweets and new followers. Even the creator of Roam congratulated me.
  4. Praise for opportunities to preach at Jesus el Salvador church and at the first anniversary of a Lutheran mission on the northern end of town.
  5. Please pray for the kids’ club, and for the Bible Studies and kids’ Sunday School Blanca is involved in at church.
  6. Please pray for an evangelistic Valentine’s event at our church on Feb. 15. I will be preaching on 1 Corinthians 13.
  7. Please pray for admin and leadership activities I have this month, especially the Mexico budget.
  8. Praise that church attender Lu’s infant son Mario, mentioned last month, is home from the hospital. Keep praying: because of his respiratory illness, he will need to stay at home for a long time to avoid relapsing.
  9. Pray for me as I start leading Eduardo de la Rosa in a Timothy Leadership Training module this week.


  1. Praise God for an unexpected benefit of having moved last year. At our old house, every year I (Dave) had severe allergies from mid-December to late February. This year I had only about two weeks of allergy symptoms, and they were much milder. What a relief!
  2. Continue to pray for a job for Daniel and for health for all of us, especially Blanca and Alexandra.
  3. Please pray for my preparations for a solo 3-month Reconnect, from July 6 to October 7, so Blanca can attend to special family health needs here.
  4. Pray for the family of my uncle Ray, who passed away suddenly in January. And pray for my aunt Linda, who returned from the hospital after experiencing a variety of serious symptoms.