Dave and Blanca Gifford

Missionaries with Resonate Global Mission in Mexico City

Prayer requests for this month

June 2020

  • We give thanks for Blanca, who celebrated her birthday June 1!
  • We give thanks for health, financial support (currently at 90%), daily grace for living, for our ministry, which continues despite quarantining. Preaching once a month, leading a COMPA Bible study on Mondays, and my seminarians just survived their final exam.
  • We give thanks for Daniel’s recovery from his fall in April. He is down to using a cane, and is finishing up physical therapy. We give thanks that Alexandra is with us and is doing okay.
  • We give thanks for progress in web materials: my notetaking program Stroll got positive mentions in Youtube videos, and I got a lot of positive feedback on it by email, Twitter and the TiddlyWiki forum (see it at https://giffmex.org/stroll/stroll.html). I am making steady progress on my longterm, slow burn project on the Gospels in Spanish, and am adding almost daily to my English online notes, too. https://giffmex.org/publicdb/
  • We pray for grace and relief for the US, Mexico and the world. COVID, lockdowns, economic woes, racism, political rivalries, protests, news and social media turning into a shouting match of memes, the rush to ignore social distancing in beaches and other public places, uncertainty in places like Hong Kong. God have mercy on our world, and may this lead to repentance and spiritual conversion/renewal.
  • We pray and give thanks for Resonate staff, who have worked hard and have done a great job so far, navigating us through difficult times.

May 2020

  • We give thanks to God for health and safety from COVID-19. Our son Daniel’s fracture in a bone in his foot is healing nicely. (Daniel fell down some stairs a few weeks ago). My (Dave) stye (Spanish orzuelo) in my eye is almost done healing.
  • We give thanks that ministry continues, though from home by Zoom, WhatsApp and email: Preaching, leading Bible studies, teaching seminary classes, leading TLT sessions, acting as a reader for two student theses.
  • We give thanks that I was invited to lead a Bible study two afternoons as part of COMPA’s “virtual camp.”
  • Please pray for the kids who used to attend Kids club. The club is on hold, of course, until things settle down and it is safe to work with the children again.
  • Please pray for my latest project, a database on the Gospels in Spanish. It has barely begun, and I won’t be promoting it online until I get a lot further. I am dedicating an hour a day to this. See it at https://giffmex.org/html/evangelios/Bienvenido.html.
  • We give thanks for unexpected interest in TiddlyBlink, a notetaking tool I created early this year. A French social media influencer living in London with 10,000 subscribers fell in love with it, and has created a new wave of users. They are having a positive impact on the underlying software, TiddlyWiki, and a lot of people are suddenly following me and interacting with me on Twitter.
  • Please pray for Saq, who lives in Paris, and is helping me upgrade TiddlyBlink – soon to be renamed Stroll – in between his 12 hour shifts volunteering at the hospital to help with the COVID demand! See the under construction latest version at https://saqimtiaz.github.io/sq-tw/tiddlyblink.experiment.html
  • Praise that team leader responsibilities have reduced somewhat after the initial barrage of Zoom meetings and emails, allowing me to focus more on ministry and family.
  • We give thanks to God for the leadership and support staff at the CRCNA and Resonate Global Mission. They have been doing such an excellent job at managing all the chaotic and constant changes due to the pandemic.
  • We give thanks to God and to our supporters for our 85% support level at this time. May God bless and protect our supporters. We are on target to reach 100% by the end of June.
  • Pray for an end to the spread of the virus, for the economy, for the poor, for political cooperation instead of the constant political and interpersonal friction we keep seeing in the news and on social media.