A big thank you to everyone who checks this list and prays for us. God bless you!

  1. Praise that despite being crazy busy right up to the end (including unexpected things like a car accident and a stolen cell phone number), we got everything done in time for Dave's sabbatical.
  2. Praise that sabbatical is going well so far. On Sat Feb 16 we took a tour bus to the monarch butterfly sanctuary. Stunning. We enjoyed helping the Canches move to their new apartment. And Dave enjoyed his birthday on Feb 27.
  3. Praise that our daughter Alexandra is feeling less stressed now that she is down to half time at Calvin College due to health reasons. Praise also that we have an appointment set up for her in early May with a cardiologist who is familiar with dysautonomia.
  4. Please pray for the ministries and our support. Blanca continues to be involved with the kids club, youth club and music classes at church. Reysel is teaching Dave's classes in his absence. And our support was at 65% when we started sabbatical.
  5. Please continue to pray for Alexandra's health, which has its ups and downs, and for our son Daniel to find work in his field while he continues as web manager for the human resources department of Tiendas Tres B.
  6. Please pray for Daniela, a young woman who works with COMPA (Mexico's equivalent of InterVarsity). Her younger sister (who was in her mid-20s) died suddenly on Sunday Feb 24. We do not know the circumstances yet, but Daniela and her family are devastated. We hope to see her next week.
  7. Please pray that we will not need to move. The real estate agent told us last week that his friend is making the owner an offer this week. This friend sounds open to letting us continue renting here. We should know soon.
  8. Please pray for our safe travels around central Mexico during sabbatical (next stop, Valle de Bravo). Please pray also for all the people traveling to the retreat in March, and for Alexandra who will be coming here briefly to Mexico City in March over Spring break.