A big thank you to everyone who checks this list and prays for us. God bless you!

Give thanks to God!

  1. For a great Christmas vacation here in Mexico City. Alexandra and Dave’s parents flew here and we just hung out here.
  2. For a good finish to the seminary semester in December, and opportunities to preach and lead the Lord’s Supper.
  3. For a great Christmas party for the kids club and youth club. Blanca did all the organizing for it…but was sick the actual day and could not attend.
  4. For healing: Blanca got over the flu after about a week of being sick. Please pray for us during “allergy and pollution” season in Mexico City, which started in December and lasts through February.
  5. For a job for our son Daniel. His job is to update the human resouces section of the website of a grocery store chain here in Mexico City. Not much pay, but at least it will give him much-needed work experience. Please continue to pray for him to find something in his field.
  6. For Daniel, who will turn 24 on January 17.
  7. For the upcoming visit of Blanca’s mother January 16. Please pray for safe travel for her.

Please pray:

  1. For our church friend Hermila and her family. Hermila’s niece was kidnapped January 1. She is 29 and is a mother of two childen (aged 14 and 8).
  2. For preparations for Dave’s sabbatical. Lots of things need to happen so that things can stay afloat while Dave is on leave of absence, then vacation, Feb 18-June 8.
  3. For Blanca and the ladies of the church as they cook and oversee lodging for the pastors and elders who come for the presbytery meeting this week. A lot of food needed on a shoestring budget.
  4. For an evangelistic cooking class that Blanca will be leading on Jan 19.
  5. For kids club, which will start back up again on Jan 26.
  6. For us to find a good home when the time finally comes to move.