A big thank you to everyone who checks this list and prays for us. God bless you!

  1. Praise the Lord for ‘things as usual’ – Blanca’s kids and youth club, music classes; my seminary teaching, team leading, serving on the strategic tech team, preaching and other teaching, bottle cap mural, financial support – all is going well. In particular, Blanca led the ladies’ society on the book of Jonah and gave a talk at the regional ladies’ societies meeting.
  2. Praise that I was able to finish an index of photo galleries related to our ministry. You can see it here at
  3. Praise for progress on a side project of creating a Scripture index of the Reformed confessions. This will help pastors be able to see if the passage they are preaching on is mentioned by the confessions.
  4. Please pray for my students who have exams this week then head home for Christmas break.
  5. Please pray for safety for our missionaries. Our colleagues James and Barbarita Lee had their home broken into in November while on a ministry trip outside the city, and a number of their things were stolen.
  6. Praise that our colleagues Pablo and Sheryl Canché arrived safe and sound to Mexico City Saturday night (Dec 1) from their home service. But pray for them since the next morning (yesterday, Dec 2) Pablo learned that his father had passed away. So they were going to head to the Mexican state of Campeche for the funeral.
  7. Pray for Alexandra’s studies at Calvin College and Daniel’s job search.
  8. Please pray for Alexandra and Dave’s parents as they come later this month for Christmas in Mexico City.
  9. Please pray for us to find a new home. Our landlord just let us know he wants to sell the place.
  10. Please pray for two big Resonate projects on my plate: cleaning out my years of Resonate Gmails, and getting things ready for Luis Pellecer and others to cover for me on my sabbatical in February.