A big thank you to everyone who checks this list and prays for us. God bless you!

Ministry items

  1. Teaching, part 1: Please pray for two students whom I had to expel from one of my classes because of extreme examples of plagiarism. Not a happy moment for me as a teacher. I am allowing them to sit in and learn, but will not receive credit for the course. We had to deliberate over their case at the faculty meeting this week, and the faculty agreed that the students will have to retake the class next year, and will be observed to make sure they commit no similar infractions in other courses, in which case they will be expelled from the seminary.
  2. Teaching, part 2: But a very happy moment for me as a teacher, for which I give thanks, was the 3 hour workshop I gave on narratives in the Bible to COMPA (InterVarsity) students on International Student's Day. The class ended up having sixteen attendees, almost double the number of students I was told to expect.
  3. Teaching, part 3: We give thanks that the seminary rector, Luis, and administrators, Odón and Hernán, were given an extension to continue in those roles for three more years, since they are doing such a great job.
  4. Ministries to children and youth: Give thanks that the kids club and youth club are going well, especially the music classes for the unchurched youth in the church neighborhood. Imagine - these unchurched kids are getting prepared to do a program in our church at Christmas time!
  5. Ministries to children and youth, part 2: Please pray for the young people. Some of them are facing challenges in their lives, whether at home or at school, whether it be difficult circumstances from without, or the need for personal change from within.
  6. Church ministry, part 1: Praise that Dave's 6 week study on Hebrews went over so well with the ladies' society in September and October.
  7. Church ministry, part 2: Praise that Blanca's studies for the ladies' society on Jonah are going well. Pray for her as she speaks to the ladies' society of a nearby church in Coyoacán on Lot's wife and Rahab.
  8. Church ministry, part 3: Please pray for our church's retreat to the state of Mexico on November 24. It has been a long, long time since the last church retreat. Pray it can be a time of renewal and refreshing for everyone.
  9. English and Spanish materials: Please pray for me as I work on two projects: one is an index of the Scripture references for the Reformed Confessions (I was disappointed to hear there is no such thing). This will help pastors see if the confessions mention the passage they intend to preach on. The other project is a resource manual on the letters of John. Not exactly a commentary, but a list of helps on the verses that one does not normally see in commentaries.
  10. Team leader, part 1: Please pray for our colleagues: Pablo Canché was on home service and had to travel to see his father, who is close to dying. May the Lord be with Pablo and Sheryl, and with Pablo's extended family. And James and Barbarita Lee came home yesterday (Nov 11) from a two-day ministry trip to find that their house had been broken into and several of their possessions robbed. Barbarita just had surgery a week before to remove tumors on her neck that were not lymphoma but whose origin is still unknown. Pray for comfort for the Lees who have been through a lot lately.
  11. Team leader, part 2: Praise that Dave's trip to Chetumal went well. Dave attended an annual meeting between our mission and a partner denomination we work with, preached on sexual abuse in the clergy for their Synod's opening service, and got to enjoy tropical waters and seafood during the trip, too.
  12. Support, part 1: Praise that our support, which was really low in September, recovered a bit in October. But we are still behind where we need to be, so keep praying. (thanks to all of you who either support us financially or pray for us!)
  13. Support, part 2: Praise that I (Dave) was able to put together an index with links to photo galleries of our ministry, at May it be helpful for people to see and use images of our ministry.
  14. Family: Praise that we are doing well. Please pray for our son Daniel as he continues to look for work in his field of digital animation. Pray for our daughter Alexandra as she studies at Calvin College, which she is enjoying.