1. Praise for Alexandra who got 4.0 in the Calvin College Entrada program, and last week moved into the dorms.
  2. Praise for Daniel who is diligently looking for work in his field. He has gone to a number of interviews in the last few weeks, for jobs in and out of his area of digital animation. Pray he can find something very soon.
  3. Praise that Blanca and I were able to go out to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary in August.


  1. Praise for a great trip to Ciudad Juárez August 13-18, where I taught a weeklong intensive course on Revelation at All Nations Seminary. One highlight of my week: “Pastor, today in your presentation I realized I’m an amillennialist!”
  2. Praise for Blanca and the ladies at church who worked hard to host the presbytery-wide ladies’ society meeting.
  3. Praise for great meetings on Tuesdays since June with COMPA (InterVarsity) leaders studying Revelation in our home. This Tuesday is our final study.
  4. Praise that the regular ministry is going smoothly: the new semester started well, the youth and ministry clubs and music classes, the catching up on mission paperwork and correspondence.
  5. Praise for the many books I was able to buy this summer for the seminary library. The inventory is getting closer and closer to our long term goal of 6,000 volumes.
  6. Please pray for my big projects this month: get the documents together for the Mexico field council, and start the prep work to make sure my responsibilities are taken care of during my sabbatical early next year.