Praise for a great time at the retreat, for Moses Chung’s conferences, and that the budget process got done. Praise also, that we got back some of the budget cuts we had to make.

Please pray for Blanca’s kids’ club ministry and her one on one times with the ladies from the church.

Please pray for Dave’s sem class, mentoring, preaching, premarital counseling, resource creating for, and team leading this month. Praise that ministry is going well.

Please pray for the three sermons he is preaching on stewardship for the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Please pray for the second game night for our single Mexican missionary lady friends, including friends from InterVarsity (COMPA) and RUF.

Praise that we have housing for home service. Please pray for our other preparations and scheduling, and for our support level.


Praise for Alexandra’s 17 th birthday which was March 27, and that before and after the retreat she got to see her friend Winnie, visiting from Vancouver.

Praise that Blanca’s mom could be with us at the tail end of February and the beginning of March.

Praise that Dave’s health (apnea, allergies, blood sugar), and resulting energy level, which had been pretty poor from Dec to late March, has improved greatly.

Please pray for Blanca’s health. She was getting better after the dust from the demolition across the street gave her coughs, which then gave her headaches. Now the heat here is affecting her.

Please pray for Daniel and Alexandra, for their health, friendships, and spiritual growth.

Please pray for our friend Armando Garcia’s 27-year old niece in Texas, who got cancer while pregnant. Her baby is okay, but her cancer has now spread to other parts of her body despite a double mastectomy.


Please pray for US-Mexico relations, the Mexican economic situation, and the effect they have on expat Christian ministry here.