1. Praise for a good wrap up to the weekly studies on Revelation with COMPA (InterVarsity) leaders at our home.
  2. Praise for a wonderful night Blanca and I had with our single, Mexican female missionaries, who came over for food and games.
  3. Praise that class sessions at seminary have for the most part been going well. But pray for the two students I had to expel for plagiarism, turning in ‘sermons’ that were wholly copied from other sources.
  4. Praise that my numerous Zoom meetings this month have gone well. I led the annual Mexico field council, and participated in three different committees related to technological changes for our mission.
  5. Pray for a presbytery in another part of Mexico, that is dealing with a pastor – one of my former students – who confessed to raping at least three women. Pray for the pastor, of course, and most of all, for the victims and their families.
  6. Praise that Blanca’s ministries to youth and children are going well, as well as our involvement in the Jesus the Savior church. Pray that the music class will help keep some of the unchurched youth off the street and out of trouble, and that God will use the ministries to speak to their hearts.
  7. Please pray for various friends here who are struggling with marriage difficulties, interpersonal conflicts, and family members with significant health problems.
  8. Please pray for my trip to Chetumal for annual meetings with our partner, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Mexico.
  9. Pray for our son Daniel, who is still looking for work in digital animation. Pray for our daughter Alexandra, who is feeling the pressure of school work at Calvin College.
  10. Praise that Blanca’s brother, who lives in North Carolina, is okay after the hurricane passed through.
  11. Please pray regularly for health and energy for Blanca and myself, and for our financial support needs.