1. Please pray for our daughter Alexandra, who is struggling with chronic health and emotional problems that are hindering her studies at Calvin College. She is currently considering going part time or even unenrolling in order to focus on getting better. Pray for recovery and wisdom as we look at what she will do, and how, and where.

2. Praise the Lord for a good time with Blanca’s mother for a week in January.

3. Praise for our son Daniel, who turned 24 on January 17.

4. Praise for health and recovery. Blanca is doing better than in most of December and January. Praise the Lord my allergy season was milder than most years, and that new medicine has helped.

5. Praise for 5 new unchurched people and 5 church members who attended Blanca’s one-time evangelistic cooking class in January.

6. Praise that the kids club, youth club and music classes are back in business after a break over Christmas. Praise for ten new unchurched children who came to kids club last week.

7. Please pray for a new position I am requesting for Mexico, for All Nations Seminary in Juarez, that the mission will approve it, that the right candidate will be found, and that the person can raise their support and get here by early 2020. Praise that I had a nice meeting with Calvin Seminary student Adam Ramírez, who is from Mexico City and who is interested in said position, should it get approved by the mission.

8. Please pray for my sabbatical preparations. I still have the Mexico country plan and our taxes, and a lot of other less daunting items to tackle in the next two weeks. Please pray that things go smoothly for my supervisor Luis Pellecer during my absence. And yes, please pray for my sabbatical (Feb 18-June 9), that I can enjoy the time for resting, reading, writing Spanish materials, and traveling with Blanca around central Mexico and to Michigan.

9. Please pray for our colleague James Lee, who is in Korea where his father just passed away. Praise that James was able to arrive and to see him before he died. Pray for his wife Barbarita and their kids, who remained in Queretaro.

10. Please pray for our colleagues Pablo and Sheryl Canché, who will be moving soon to a new apartment here in Mexico City, since their landlord is selling the building. Please pray for us as well, because our turn will be soon, too.