1. Praise the Lord that Blanca’s children’s ministries are going so well:
    • The kids club every other week has bout 25 children attending.
    • The new youth program every other Saturday for the unchurched young people near Jesus el Salvador church is continuing to do well. These are the kids who outgrew the kids club but still want to come. So every other Saturday they are helping as volunteers at the club for the younger kids, and every other Saturday they are attending a program just for them, complete with catechism lessons. Blanca and the volunteers are limiting this youth club to ten regular attenders for now, but by the summer they plan to let them invite other young people to attend as well.
    • The program to offer music classes (guitar, piano and voice) to the unchurched young people near Jesus el Salvador church started and is also going well. Blanca is taking guitar and voice lessons, too. Thirteen are attending currently.
  2. Praise the Lord for fruit from these ministries:
    • One of the young ladies attending the youth program has asked to be baptized and make profession of faith. She will start new members classes very soon.
    • The mother of two of the younger kids has begun to attend church and is already enrolled in her own new members class sessions.
    • We have been praying for one girl who lives far away and attends occasionally. Her mother and she want to attend church, but her unbelieving father always prohibited them from attending. This month Blanca and the youth went to the annversary celebration of a church near this family. Praise the Lord that not only did the girl’s father allow them to attend – he attended, too! Please pray for the Lord to continue to work in his heart.
  3. There are constant hassles and headaches to keep me on my toes, but praise the Lord that my ministry (sem classes, mentoring, materials on, team leading for the Mexico field) is still doing well. I have good students and have made some new materials on Romans and other topics, and I think we may just have a bookkeeper for the Asociación Civil. Yay! I have even made progress on re-doing my bottle cap mural in a way that will last longer.
  4. Please pray for Blanca’s involvement in ladies’ ministries as she is able, regularly at Jesus the Savior church on Friday nights, and on May 16 she will lead a study for a regional meeting at the Coyocán church.
  5. Please pray for a community service day at the Jesus the Savior church on May 26, aimed especially at serving the families of the kids and young people coming to the Saturday programs.
  6. Please pray for our son Daniel, who graduates from college on May 18 (his college is called ‘Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City campus’). We are very proud of him and are praying for his transition to job-hunting in his field of digital animation.
  7. Please pray also for our daughter Alexandra, who will be making profession of faith on May 20 at Ridgewood Church in Jenison, and who graduates from Unity Christian High School in Hudsonville MI on May 21. We are very proud of her and are praying for her transition to Calvin College.
  8. Please pray for my May travels to do performance reviews for our missionaries: May 5-6 in Guadajara to visit Ben and Amy Meyer, and May 11-14 to Tijuana to visit Abe and Elaine Lee and James and Barbarita Lee.
  9. Please pray for our family’s whirlwind of travels: after Daniel’s graduation on the 18th we fly to Grand Rapids on the 19th, Alexandra’s profession of faith the 20th, Alexandra’s graduation the 21st, and Daniel and Dave fly to New York City on the 22nd (graduation present for Daniel). Blanca and Alexandra fly to Mexico the 24th, Dave on the 27th, and Daniel on the 29th. Phew.
  10. Please pray for safe and productive travels for Winabelle Gritter, retired volunteer with Resonate who will be staying at our home for a week starting this Thursday while she visits various people and organizations here.
  11. Please pray for Mexico during the election cycle, as well as relations between our host country and our home country, both of which we love.
  12. As always, please pray for our health, spiritual vitality, relationships, and financial support.