1. Praise the Lord for protection and safety during the Mexico City earthquake: for our son Daniel, for our colleagues Pablo and Sheryl Canché, for our Mexican and other expat friends living in Mexico City, and for our home and possessions.
  2. Please pray for our son Daniel, who watched as the pedestrian bridges at his school collapsed on his classmates, killing five and sending over 40 more to the hopsital. And now it looks as if he will need to travel to the campus in the state of Mexico for some of his classes, and do other classwork online, since his campus has few buildings safe enough to resume classes in.
  3. Pray for relief and reconstruction efforts, especially in the state of Morelos, where the earthquake hit the hardest. Pray for the approval of a special Resonate project I submitted to raise money for the church building in Jojutla, Morelos, which was completely destroyed.
  4. Praise for protection for me (Dave). Getting up for water in the night, I miscalculated my trajectory and fell down a flight of stairs. I sprained my ankle and slightly fractured my fibula close to the knee. But other than that, I am fine. We rescheduled our trip to West Des Moines, which we were supposed to make that day, for December 31. Please pray for my swift recovery, and the ability to go walking soon, as my blood sugar has gone up due to my relative immobility.
  5. Please pray for Blanca, whose insomnia and residual pain from old surgeries make life difficult for her. Praise the Lord she is a trooper. But we all would love to see her get some relief.
  6. Praise for Alexandra, who got her (good) results on her SAT, just finished phase 1 of drivers training, has adjusted well to high school, and visited the Calvin College campus this month, where she hopes to attend next year. Please pray for her as she attempts to get an even better score during the next SAT exam on October 7, and as she is in the application process for colleges and financial aid.
  7. Praise that we have been able to advance in church visits and home visits. Please pray we can get all our planned visits in, and that we can reach our goal of raising 90% of our support this year.
  8. Please pray for times of rest. Adding team leader chores on top of home service responsibilities during a year in which everything in our mission has changed makes for a busy home service.
  9. Please pray for my travel to Mexico City October 14-19 for meetings between our mission and one of our partner denominations in Mexico.