1. Praise the Lord getting us ‘round the bend. After just over a month after getting back to Mexico, are now past the cough and cold that Blanca got on the trip in January, the seasonal allergies I get here, and most of the mountain of work that awaited us on our arrival.
  2. Praise that my New Testament classes are going well at seminary. Pray that I can have time to advance on the Spanish materials at And pray for a new sermon series I am preaching along with lay pastor Hernan, on the parables.
  3. Praise that Blanca’s kids club is going strong, and please pray for plans to start a ministry the second Saturday of March for the unchurched young people who have outgrown the kids club.
  4. Praise for the opportunity to go with Pablo Canche to represent the mission at the US embassy in February and to comfort Dwayne and Gladys Thielke, Resonate retired volunteers in the Philippines, whose son Fred worked here at the embassy and passed away during a mountain-climbing accident.
  5. Praise the Lord for Maritza. She is the mother of two of the kids from the club. She has been coming to church on Wednesdays and Fridays. She is growing by leaps and bounds and has been asking lots of good questions at Bible studies. And now she and her son Luis are asking to attend the profession of faith class. Pray for Maritza and Luis.
  6. Praise the Lord for opportunities for time to spend together this month, for Valentine’s Day and my (Dave’s) birthday.
  7. Please keep our kids, Daniel and Alexandra, in your prayers. Pray especially for college scholarships for Alexandra.