1. Praise that after a very busy season with health issues, my workload has become more manageable and my health is doing well. Continue to pray for Blanca’s insomnia and Alexandra’s dysautonomy.
  2. Pray for Daniel’s college end-of-semester workload, and his energy level. Pray in general for Daniel and Alexandra’s relationships, spiritual growth, and health.
  3. Praise for enjoyable preaching times in April: a series of sermons on stewardship for the Reformed University Fellowship meetings at UNAM, Holy week sermons at Jesus el Salvador Church (JES), and two other sermons at JES.
  4. Praise for good turnouts at Blanca’s kids club. 27 were there this past Saturday. Our big need is for some of the church members to step up and get involved.
  5. Praise for safe travel and a good time when Blanca took several ladies from JES church to Puebla for a day in April.
  6. Praise that seminary has gone well. I have a good batch of students, which makes all the difference.
  7. Praise for a very fun time welcoming nine single missionary ladies over last week for a night of food and games.
  8. Please pray for my travels to Tijuana and Guadalajara in May to do performance reviews of several of our missionaries (1 Corinthians 4.21 heh heh). I will also take a few vacation days on my own after the Tijuana trip, since it is right across the border.
  9. Please pray for Suni and Isaac, as they prepare for their wedding on May 20, and for me as I preach there. Suni’s father, Pastor Enrique Miranda, will officiate. Pray also for Hernan and Chris, now that they have finished premarital counseling and prepare for their July 1 wedding.
  10. Please pray for me also as I preach at a thanksgiving service / four year reunion for the four couples I married in a mega-wedding ceremony in May of 2013. Pray especially for a couple of the husbands, who are not attending church regularly.
  11. Pray for a 9 year old girl and her grandmother, who came to church yesterday. They have a church background in Coyoacán. The girl’s mother is physically abusive with her – not even excessive discipline, just random, unprovoked beatings. The girl has contemplated suicide. Please pray for safety, for healing, and for change.
  12. Please continue to pray for our friend Armando Garcia’s 27-year old niece in Texas, diagnosed with cancer.
  13. Please pray for our home service preparation (we don’t leave til July 20), and for our support. Pray for the US – with the way the US political, economic and cultural climate is described in the news, we are bracing ourselves for the worst regarding our time back in the States. But we do look forward to seeing our friends, family members, and supporters.