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Dave and Blanca Gifford, Daniel and Alexandra
Christian Reformed World Missions, Mexico City

About us

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We are career missionaries with Christian Reformed World Missions, serving in Mexico City.

I (Dave) am an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church and do leadership development. I teach three courses per semester at the Seminario Teológico Reformado de México, and serve as the faculty librarian of the seminary. I serve the Mexico field of our mission as Country Team Leader. And I serve the wider Spanish-speaking Christian community by helping organize training events for the Timothy Leadership Institute and by producing free Spanish web materials for Christians on the present website.

My wife Blanca (Honduran-American) keeps our home functioning, keeps our finances in order and keeps our kids fed. She also organizes a Saturday morning kids club that shares the love and message of Jesus with the children who live near our church.

We have two children, Daniel and Alexandra. Daniel was born in 1995 in Ecuador while we served there as church planters with SIM. Daniel is studying digital animation at a college here in Mexico City. Alexandra was born in 2000 in Michigan while I was studying at Calvin Theological Seminary. Alexandra studies at a bilingual private school here in Mexico City.

We hope you enjoy our website, one of several ways that we try to keep our friends, family and supporters up-to-date on our lives and ministry. God bless you.

The Giffords
Mexico City

Acerca de nosotros

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Somos misioneros con la Misión Mundial de la Iglesia Cristiana Reformada, sirviendo en el Distrito Federal de México.

Yo (David) soy un pastor ordenado en la Iglesia Cristiana Reformada y trabajo en el área de desarrollo de liderazgo. Imparto tres materias por semestre en el Seminario Teológico Reformado de México, y sirvo como el bibliotecario de la facultad del seminario. Sirvo como Jefe del equipo de nuestros misioneros a nivel de México. Y sirvo un público más amplio con los talleres de capacitacióon que organizo para el Instituto Timoteo, y con los materiales gratuitos que ofrecemos en español en el presente sitio.

Mi esposa Blanca (hondureña-americana) asegura que todo funcione en nuestro hogar, que nuestras finanzas estén en orden, y que nuestros hijos están alimentados. Ella también organiza un club infantil los sábados. El club comparte el amor y el mensaje de Jesucristo con los niños que viven cerca de nuestra iglesia.

Tenemos dos hijos, Daniel y Alexandra. Daniel nació en 1995 en Ecuador mientras servíamos como plantadores de iglesias con la misión SIM. Daniel estudia animación digital en una universidad aquí en el DF. Alexandra nació en 2000 en Michigan mientras yo estudiaba en Calvin Theological Seminary. Alexandra estudia en una escuela privada aquí en el DF.

Esperamos que nuestro sitio te sea de bendición. Es una de varias maneras en que intentamos informar a nuestros amigos, familiares y donantes acerca de nuestras vidas y ministerios. Que Dios te bendiga.

La familia Gifford
México DF, 1 de marzo de 2015

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Contact us

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Dave and Blanca Gifford

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For friends

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We don't solicit financial gifts other than donations through our mission, above. But there are some who have indicated their desire to help in more personal ways, so we simply make these links available here for those who feel inspired to do so:


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We upload the photos we want to share to Flickr.

Some are of our own life and ministry. Some are of Mexico and Mexico City.

By clicking the following link you will find the sets or albums of photo by topics, with the most recent sets showing first.


Prayer requests for this month

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Prayer requests for September 2016

  1. Praise for a great start yesterday to seminary classes. I am teaching the three sophomores and one senior the course from Hebrews to Revelation, and am teaching our six new freshmen the Gospels course.
  2. Praise for two productive and enjoyable meetings last week - the STAC (Synergy Team of the Americas and the Caribbean) roundtable talks on ministries to families and ministries to migrants, and the Latin America region face to face gathering to explain and get feedback regarding the combining of Home Missions and World Missions into a ‘New Mission Agency.’ They were both here in Mexico City, occupying all my time and energy from August 29 to Sept 3.
  3. Praise that the kids club continues to do well. We had a number of testimonies about the impact of kids’ club in our prayer letter which went out this week.
  4. Praise God for 25 years of marriage on August 17. Blanca has been putting up with me for that long? I give thanks to the Lord for putting her in my life.
  5. Praise that Alexandra had a good time visiting her best friend Winnie, who just moved away to Vancouver. Pray for her as she will miss Winnie very much. Remember our son Daniel in your prayers, too.
  6. Praise God for recent visits to churches I have never visited, and new contacts and connections.
  7. Please pray for me to catch up after the meetings and have time to dedicate to RecursosGiffmex, which is always what gets set aside when everything else gets too busy.
  8. Please pray for the mission as it transitions to the New Mission Agency. There will no doubt be a lot of unknowns and changes and we will all need a lot of patience.


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The present site is powered by TiddlyWiki, an open source web application that creates a collection of notecards inside a webpage. I (Dave) have used TiddlyWiki and have been involved in the TiddlyWiki community since 2006 or so. Over the years I have created various adaptations of TiddlyWiki and the older TiddlyWiki classic. The present page provides links to my various concoctions of old. Word of warning: I am too busy with new responsibilities to dedicate much time anymore to the TiddlyWiki community, and I do not maintain any of these adaptations anymore. They are here for nostalgic reasons only, and in case members of the TiddlyWiki community wish to mine them for parts and ideas.

TiddlyWiki "5"
Notestorm is a note-taking adaptation I created in 2014.
In 2013 and 2014 I created tutorials TW5 mall and TiddlyQuickly to help users of the most recent version of TiddlyWiki. But TiddlyWiki evolved and improved so quickly that these became difficult to maintain, and I have since taken them down. Tobias Beer took the TW5 mall idea and greatly improved upon it with his site of solutions.
TiddlyWiki classic resources
Introducing TiddlyWiki is a presentation I put on slideshare.net to introduce TiddlyWiki classic.
TiddlyWiki for the rest of us was a tutorial I created in simple language for non-developers. It has helped thousands of people over the years.
TiddlyWiki in Action was a showcase I created with links and information about classic TiddlyWikis that others had created. The purpose was to help users see how TW has been used, to give them ideas for their own TWs.
TiddlyVault was a topical catalogue of the plugins for TW classic that I had collected. This was a helpful tool at the time because plugins had been scattered across numerous sites and one had to really hunt around to find them.
See our TiddlyWiki library database (in Spanish) here.


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Twitter feed

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Ways you can help us

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Here are six ways you can help us:

1. Donate
You can donate to our regular support needs here
Each year we seek to raise $300 for expenses for expenses related to Dave's seminary / leadership project.
Each year we seek to raise $500 for expenses related to Blanca's children's ministries project. We are grateful that this project is now fully supported.
By mail: Send a check to Christian Reformed World Missions, 1700 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508-1407, and note on the check which fund to direct it to: either "Giffords' regular support needs" or "Gifford vehicle, fund code WMLA 805663", "Children's project, fund code 808071", or "Seminary project, fund code 805072".
2. Pray for us
We believe that what we do will only make a difference if God blesses it. So we ask for your prayers for us and for our ministry.
We update our prayer requests and notes of praise each month. You can read our prayer requests here.
Write to us to sign up to receive prayer letters at: dgifford@crcna.org.
3. Tell your friends and family about us
We need an ever-expanding circle of people who will pray for us and/or support us. But it is hard for us to meet new people from Mexico or during a rushed home service. Would you be willing to go to bat for us? Let your friends and loved ones know about what we do. Tell them about the goodies on our site. And encourage them to consider supporting us by their prayers and support gifts.
4. Encourage us
Email us at dgifford@crcna.org
Comment on Dave's posts on Facebook
5. Visit us on a Service and Learning Team or as a volunteer
We have requests from Mexican churches for construction teams, and we can accomodate prayer teams and evangelistic teams (Some knowledge of Spanish required for the latter). If you are interested in forming a team to visit Mexico City, please contact us directly, or contact Bill Thornburg, World Missions' Group Program Coordinator for Volunteer Ministries, at bthornburg@crcna.org
6. For family members and close friends only

We don't solicit financial gifts other than donations through our mission, above. But there are some who have indicated their desire to help in more personal ways, so we simply make these links available here for those who feel inspired to do so:

Welcome to our site

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